…because Jollof Rice is BAE. I mean, what’s not to love about its fiery red and the complex smoky and satisfying flavours it holds within.

Yes, Happy World Jollof Rice Day.


Ever wondered about how the awesomeness that is Jollof came about?


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World Jollof Rice Day is celebrated on the 22nd of August, across the world.

First celebrated in 2015, no one is sure of its exact origins but no one has an issue with it either. In fact, majority of people are thrilled that a day has been set aside to celebrate the almighty Jollof. Some have even began to push for a World Plantain Lovers Day but lets stick with Jollof for the minute.

Not yet on the United Nations list of International Days – Days currently observed by the UN as a result of resolutions, World Jollof Rice Day or International Jollof Rice Day as it might be referred to then is a day to celebrate Jollof Rice and its stories.

Come one, Come Jollof.

How well do you know your Jollof? What kind of Jollof person are you? Find out!


  • There are two kinds of Thieb  in Senegal – the white and the red. For Jollof purposes, the red known as Thieboudienne Penda Mbaye (after the lady who created it in Saint Louis in the late 19th century) is what we’re after. Traditionally eaten on a Saturday, the......

  • Acha – Fonio is one of my favourite things ever. One way to enjoy it is by way of ‘Jollof’, that cooking, stewing, simmering in a rich, red tomato sauce. It is easy. Ingredients You’ll need equal amounts of: Acha/ Fonio (clean) Stock/ water Tomato......

  • Jollof Rice salad because #FitFam and because this combination is the best of both worlds – Jollof rice and ‘Nigerian salad‘. Did I also mention how great it is for leftovers – that time when you have Jollof…but not enough to make a meal? This......

  • Its common to hear about the best spots for Amala in Lagos – people usually place buka’s and restaurants such as White House and 100 Hours on their list! But how often do we really discuss the best spots for Jollof Rice in Africa’s most......

  • Traditionally, in Nigeria – long grain, parboiled rice has been the rice of choice for Jollof. Its virtues? It can stand up to the rich sauce without losing its character. In other parts of the world,  Thai Jasmine rice is popular – whole in Ghana......

  • As West African’s, we all love a steaming hot plate of Jollof Rice – well, most of us do! For centuries we have eaten Jollof Rice in different ways, competed with each other as to who makes the best Jollof Rice (the famous Nigeria vs.......