Partner With Us

Jollof Rice is a unifying, collaborative force and we would like to explore a thousand and one ways to strengthen it.


Our aim to to build a strong community of Jollof Rice lovers by sharing its history, exploring its place in culture and literature, sharing recipes and celebrating it in The New Nigerian Kitchen.


How can  we help?

  • Share everything we know about Jollof – which is a lot! How we share it is up to you – presentation, fair, festival
  • Develop unique products or events for your Brand around Jollof – whether that’s a take on the classic rice or drinks that pair well with it, we can help
  • Organise a unique event for your World Jollof Rice Day and more


When you partner with us, you strengthen our culinary heritage, and leave a legacy for our children’s children across the continent and you connect your brand to the millions of Jollof Rice lovers out there.


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