6 Best Spots For Jollof Rice In Lagos City

6 Best Spots For Jollof Rice In Lagos City

Its common to hear about the best spots for Amala in Lagos – people usually place buka’s and restaurants such as White House and 100 Hours on their list! But how often do we really discuss the best spots for Jollof Rice in Africa’s most cosmopolitan city?



Well, not to often because you can find Jollof Rice everywhere!

However, don’t be mistaken, you can DEFINITELY go wrong with Jollof Rice no matter how fluent the taste is to our tongues. So here’s a list of our top ten Jollof Rice spots in Lagos:


source – eafrique.tv

Yellow Chilli leverages on the fact that their authentic meals touch the soul of each and every customer. Their Jollof Fiesta has been a HIT over the years and honestly, we couldn’t start this list without placing Yellow Chilli on top! Yellow Chilli is also one of the top five best restaurants in Nigeria according to Trip Advisor, so trust us on this one – their Jollof Rice will never let you down!

  1. L’AFRIC
source - www.dealdey.com

source – www.dealdey.com

Although L’Afric is often found a bit expensive, their Jollof Rice is to die for! We don’t really need to say much more – when your pocket is full and your stomach is empty, head over to their restaurant on Adeola Hopewell!

source - www.terrakulture.wordpress.com

source – www.terrakulture.wordpress.com

Not only does Terra Kulture provide you with art, culture and lifestyle, they provide you with some serious Nigerian Jollof Rice! The N2,100 that you’ll spend on a plate of Jollof Rice with Beef is definitely worth it.

source - www.blog.ofadaa.com

source – www.blog.ofadaa.com

 You will never find Jollof Rice as dependable as buka Jollof Rice and White House in Yaba certainly tops the standards. The steaming hot Jollof Rice that they serve daily is seen on the plates of several people who come to fill their stomachs! Trust us, whether you’re visiting Lagos or you live in Lagos, you have to hit this spot!

source - www.csr-ceoforum.com

source – www.csr-ceoforum.com

So you probably didn’t expect to find Chicken Republic on this list! But have you ever been stuck in that dilemma where you want KFC chicken but Chicken Republic Jollof Rice? Yup, so have we! Their special recipe has kept them in business despite the rapid spread of the international franchise, KFC, across Nigeria. You can never go wrong with Chicken Republic Jollof Rice!

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